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Andovers Lost RailwayCreated 29/11/2006 18:35:16  Updated 24/02/2008 16:08:06
Andover Sprat & Winkle Line
Andover Town Station
The railway opened in 1865. The main "Andover" station is still where it used to be although it was called "Andover Junction" There used to be a second station in the town called "Andover Town Station". This was basically where "Sainsbury" is today.
The trains used to travel from Andover Town to the Clatfords, Fullerton Junction via Wherwell, Longparish and through Harewood forest to Hurstbourne Priors Station and then return to Andover Junction. They mainly carried local workers and school children.
The Station Hotel used to be called the "Eight Bells" when it was built in 1790 next to the Andover to Redbridge Canal. When the Andover to Southampton railway was constructed it changed its name to the "Station Hotel" Even though the railway has long gone it is still today called the "Station Hotel"
Station Hotel Andover
Today there appears to be no sign of the Andover branch line. But some of the route can be walked today as part of the "Test Way".


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